What Stem Cells Are?

THEIR IMPORTANCE The importance of this primitive cells so sadly neglected in recent years in the professional circles of health science and medicine it is just beginning to be appreciated and its relevance in the fields of therapeutics was finally recognized in recent decades.

There is no way that we may overemphasize the tremendous importance which this amazing stem cells represent in the structural and functional maintenance and preservation of the body, specially in the area of longevity because of the regenerative key role that this master cells play in the anatomical integrity of tissues, organs and body systems, which is dependent on a very subtle and fragile homeostatic balance of preservation which must exist between the degenerative and wear processes natural to the human body at the cellular and histological level and in the other hand the renovative and regenerative process performed by this cells, known also by the name of embryonic cells, adult stem cells, pluripotent or progenitor according to their biological classification.

This cells thanks to their incredible plasticity are capable of being transformed into a host of cell types with the potential of being able to replace virtually any cell in every tissue of the human body in accordance with the most recent discoveries of scientific research and experimentation.

As of today more than two hundred different cell types are known in the human body and mammal animals corresponding to different specialized forms depending on the organ or tissue to which they belong to, for example muscle fibers are capable of mechanical contraction, neurons can segregate and transfer chemical messengers to other cells, hepatocytes in the liver generate multitude enzymes and synthesize proteins; however this atypical cells (stem cells) have the capability of being transformed and turned into any type of the previously mentioned cells.

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