Who we are:

VIDA INTERNATIONAL is a 100% American company including its administration and scientific research team.We have at our disposition the best resources available in the world when it comes to issues of ingredients, processing and bottling facilities as well as general logistics which places us in a position to offer to our associates and consumers a line of 100% natural products of the highest quality.

Our Mission:

To develop and provide a unique and superior quality science-based health products, distributed around the globe through network marketing, thus creating an unlimited and prosperous financial opportunity for our family of independent Associates.

Our Vision:

Our Founders created VIDA INTERNATIONAL with a vision to combine passion and commitment to enable people with principles and values of success and quality of life through science and service. VIDA INTERNATIONAL is a class of its own as a leader dedicated to making a positive impact in the life of people striving at reaching everyone around the world. We do this by empowering and educating our family of Distributors and Customers to help bring our innovative cutting edge health, wellness and prosperity to the world.

Making a difference:

VIDA INTERNATIONAL is one of america’s leading companies with expertise in the fields of science, health and nutrition.
VIDA INTERNATIONAL with 30 years of combined experience will help improve the lives of thousands of people in every country in several ways:

  1. 1.Providing top of the line and trustworthy natural supplements of the highest quality.
  2. 2.Innovative network marketing with a most fair program and excellent compensation plan for people from all different social, education and economic backgrounds; including housewives, seniors and professional people.
  3. 3.Optional Flexibility to engage in either a part-time business opportunity on your spare time or full-time if you are a goal challenge ambitious individual.
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